E-Portal That Helps The Travel Agents to Excel in Their Business

The boom in the tourism industry has made it necessary for all the travel agency to have an immediate assistant as to the availability of hotels, flights and decides on holiday destinations at its fingertips to cater to the needs of their clients instantly and efficiently.

The travel agency software traveleconnect.com helps in getting the price that is suitable for your clients along with the services that are available, which helps the online trip agent to not only to grow, but also succeed in their business and earn a lucrative profit. It also helps them in retaining the existing clients as well as catering to the potential clients. The tour agency software is designed keeping in mind the customer and their travel solutions. For an online tour agent it provides a platform to market their services to the customers with the products and services that are easily available online with us. Agencia de viajes pereira

As seen earlier, it provides travel b2b online solutions to all those who partner with Traveleconnect.com. This gives access to Travel e-Connect booking engine, through which you can view the complete list of holiday reservations, hotels and flights. Based on that, you can plan an itinerary that suits the budget and time of your customer. The portal also periodically updates the new reservation information as well as the invoice history, which relieves you of all the worries about minor issues and concentrates on the major issues. The periodical statement with the detailed information as to the outstanding enables you to know about your credit availability and based on that you can do the bookings. The travel online b2b solutions, database also enables you to prepare and distribute the necessary sales material to boost your sales.

The following products are offered by our online travel business solution traveleconnect.com for the tour agents based on their needs:

  • Travel e-Connect Gold: offers an easy platform for booking engine solutions for hotels, flights and holidays.
  • Travel e-Connect Diamond: apart from the booking engine solutions it helps in creating a website for travel agents.
  • Travel e-Connect Platinum: under platinum, a travel agent can own sub travel agents and distributors in order to expand their business.

Apart from the above services offered for each product, the other services like promotion of trip agency, advertising online, tracking system, control panel option to manage your bookings, customer support and payment gateway are also available.

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