Dental Implants: The Best Way To Smile Again!

Are you looking for an affordable dental implant in West Hollywood? We have the price data for dental implants, the numbers may surprise you. Check them out!

Dental implants are gaining recognition as the leading solution for replacing or restoring teeth. They are the best for many reasons, as they bring back a smile that looks and feels natural. A lot of people have made dental implants their solution for missing teeth, a million and counting obtain at least one every year.


Are you, a friend or family member looking to restore a missing tooth? Finding the cost of dental implants in West Hollywood can be a daunting task, one that can turn stressful if you want to get the best deal on a dental implant. We want to help! There are 506 dentists in West Hollywood, we have contacted all of them to collect their costs for a single dental implant. We ask that you keep in mind the following information when considering dental implants and comparing prices between different dentists.

The Cost of Dental Implants in West Hollywood

Dental implants are a lifetime investment. Unlike dentures and partials, dental implants can last the rest of your life with proper care and oral hygiene. That’s why getting a dental implant to restore a missing tooth is a great idea!

We have spent the last couple of months contacting over 500 dentists in West Hollywood. We used this time to collect pricing from each dentist for a single dental implant. Acquiring the cost of dental implants in West Hollywood was a long and tedious one, as some dentist want you to walk into their office and partake in a consultation before supplying a price quote. In the end, we had over 200 dentists we collected a scatter plot of pricing for a single dental implant in West Hollywood.


The results were amazing, we never expected dental implant prices in West Hollywood to be how we found them to be. Let’s take a look at some of the statistics.

Cost of Dental Implants in West Hollywood

It’s clear the cost of dental implants in West Hollywood are pricey in comparison to surrounding cities. The average cost for a dental implant in West Hollywood hovers around $3700, roughly $900 more than the average of neighboring city Los Angeles. Much of these dentist are priced around this area, with outliers reaching out as far as $6400. What counters the big prices are the more affordable ones. There are many dentists that are under the average price line, most of them start as low as $2500. Moreover, the lowest cost for a dental implant in West Hollywood we obtained is a meager $2100. That’s a $4300 difference when comparing the most affordable and most expensive practice. It’s evident that you can get two or more implants at the lowest costing dentist for less than the price of one at some of the higher priced practices.

Combine your newfound knowledge of dental implant costs in West Hollywood with the fact that a lot of these prices don’t include extras that are often mandatory when getting a dental implant. That includes the initial consultation, X-Rays and CT scans, tooth/root extractions, bone grafting, sinus lifting, and post-operative care fees. Every patient’s case is unique, meaning the cost for a single dental implant in West Hollywood above are the starting prices for the entire procedure.

The above prices are guaranteed at least for an implant post, an abutment, and a crown.


*Note* Not all dentists in West Hollywood specialize in dental implants, nor took our invite to share the cost of dental implants at their practice. Our data does not include pricing for practices that offer only half the surgical procedure in their office and outsources the case to a private dental implant specialist for the other half.

A Big Factor of Dental Implant Costs in West Hollywood

There’s a little over 36,000 people residing in West Hollywood. Some of these people are celebrities, personalities, and movie actors. So when one of them has a dead or missing tooth, they need it get replaced to keep up their image. Dentist understand that and make the most out of it. Since these people have spending power, a lot of dentist in West Hollywood raise their prices above the average cost line. ortdoncia invisible medellin

However, not everyone is made of money in West Hollywood. Interesting enough, the average income of a person living in West Hollywood is only $53,683 dollars. No one wants to spend a fifth of their gross annual income on restoring a tooth, no matter how beneficial a dental implant may be. That’s why it’s good that some dentist are affordable. These dentist understand the purpose of their work; it’s not about getting the most money, it’s about helping those with dental issues and rejuvenating their smile.

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